Newspaper clippings

Published article in The Almanac/Palo Alto Weekly's 2011 Fall Real Estate magazine (pub. October 2011)

I had the awesome privilege this summer to intern at the Palo Alto Weekly, a community newspaper in Palo Alto, CA. The Weekly really treats their interns well; not only did I get to report and write on multiple community issues and events, I also was mentored and encouraged by the editors and writers.

I gained exposure to the newsroom, town council chambers, and many local restaurants and businesses. I was also challenged to cover topics with which I had little familiarity, as well as work on two cover stories and report/write about a same-day political protest event. I learned a lot about myself, the community of Palo Alto, journalism, and what it takes to work in a newspaper/media organization. Needless to say, I am indebted to Embarcadero Media for taking me under their wings.

Here’s a collection of some of my published articles from my summer internship at the Palo Alto Weekly/Embarcadero Media, starting with most recent:

Full-length articles

  • Just what makes these homes so smart?: Profile on four California Avenue, Palo Alto, sustainable “smart homes” that use tablet computers and touch screen phones to control all electronics, such as heating and cooling systems and entertainment technology. [10-18-11]
  • Are cash-rich homebuyers impacting the market?: Examining the relationship between Silicon Valley home prices and technology companies filing for initial public offering (IPO). [10-11-11]
  • Final strike for Palo Alto Bowl: Cover story written to accompany photo essay; profiles the closure of Palo Alto’s 60-year-old bowling alley by examining its community impact. [9-23-11]
  • No ordinary summer: Co-written cover story/photo essay on three niche summer camps in the area. [7-22-11]
  • Whose pipe is this?: Issues related to underground sewer pipes and the homeowner’s degree of responsibility for repair. [7-22-11]
  • Planting new ideas: Profile on a home gardener and the area-based Edible Landscaping Tour, organized by a local organic garden supply store. [7-15-11]
  • Local retailers feel internet heat: My first article! Briefly examines the effects of internet retail on two local businesses and brick-and-mortar businesses nationally. [7-8-11]

Briefs (event coverage, news bits, etc.):


  • Professorville: Profile of historic Palo Alto neighborhood. [9-2-11]

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