Hi everyone!

Hello to my subscribers and anyone who actually reads this. 🙂 Sorry I haven’t posted in so long… I’ve been working on a couple of assignments for the Palo Alto Weekly and The Santa Clara and haven’t been able to devote much time to this blog. (Thank you to my professor for being understanding.)

I have been working on a post, though, which I’ll publish soon. In the meantime, here’s a quote that will serve as the teaser trailer:

“Women, don’t settle and don’t ever compromise on requiring solid Christian commitment in a husband, but make sure your list of non-negotiables doesn’t effectively exclude everyone outside of Mr. Darcy.”
– quote from Kevin DeYoung, “Dude, Where’s Your Bride?


4 thoughts on “Preview…

  1. HAHA I don’t know if Mr. Darcy would make it onto my list (if I were a woman). He was a selfish and prideful man who looked down on others, refusing to meet them where they were and understand their point of view. I wouldn’t call those the actions of a solid Christian husband.


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