SCU work-study strained

I received another byline in The Santa Clara last week! Check out my latest article Work-Study Program Faces Cuts

The article explains the work-study financial aid award and its current crisis: this year’s $80,000 budget cuts deprived 50 eligible students from receiving the much-needed federal funds. It explains informatively how work-study budgeting works and how work-study works practically once the student is employed.

After publishing the piece, I can’t help but feel like I left so much information out. I’ve since been told by multiple student employees that dozens of work-study Desk Receptionist jobs remain open across campus… yet, as my article states, 180 work-study awardees are currently unemployed.

Presently, around 30-40 percent of the available on-campus jobs listed on BroncoLink are work-study. None of the DR jobs are listed as available.

Perhaps the unemployed students simply don’ t know that these jobs are open? How would they know to apply for DR jobs, if they’re not listed anywhere? While word-of-mouth is probably most effective– in some cases, more effective than posting the jobs in a list online– it’s clearly not working in this case, since the anecdotes I’ve heard lead me to believe that DRs have been understaffed for weeks.

Seems weird to me.


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