Seeking God’s will

I’m often tempted to wait, to sit, patiently, motionlessly, waiting for God to give me direction. It’s usually when I have to make a big decision that I’m really afraid of, or in a moment where I’m particularly aware (and intimidated by) my own shortcomings. It’s really tempting to sit back and just say I’m “waiting on God’s will.”

But passivity and inactivity not the same as seeking God’s will for your life.

God calls us to be active, purposeful— yes, patient, waiting, relying on His leading at all times, but active.

Consider these “four debilitating traps,” written by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot, that happen to Christians who are trying to seek God’s will on an important decision but become debilitated, afraid that they’ll make the wrong choice:

  1. Justifying an unwise decision on the ground that “God told me to do it.”
  2. Fostering costly delays in the process because of uncertainty about God’s will.
  3. The practice of “putting out a fleece” — allowing circumstances to dictate the decision.
  4. Rejecting personal preferences when faced with apparently equal options.

The counterpoints to these four traps (as far as I can see):

  1. Take ownership of your decisions. If you make the wrong ones, there’s grace.
  2. Matthew 28:19. Jesus told his apostles to GO and make disciples of all nations. He didn’t say, “Wait until I place a strong burden on your heart for a particular lost soul.” He said go! In the same way, try. Give it a shot. Pray, try what you think is God’s will (in accordance with scripture). See what happens.
  3. Deuteronomy 6:16. Circumstances don’t always indicate God’s leading. Sometimes “doors close,” but we still have to pursue that path. Sometimes doors open that we shouldn’t go through.
  4. Psalm 37:4. Personal preferences matter! God gave us those for a reason. Take them seriously. Sometimes that means that you pick the option that you like best.

Why can we be active, instead of wait for a Pauline lightning bolt from heaven to come down and clarify our entire life path?

Psalm 37:5
“Commit your way to the LORD;
    trust in him, and he will act.”

Commit your decisions, your life, to Christ. He asks nothing less of you. But make that commitment, and you’re His. You’re safe there.


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